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Change in Direction

March 20, 2015

This site used to be called “Mind your code” which was meant to present a very narrow cross section of the person I am. It was then called “Strength and Honor” for two main reasons: 1. Strength : To curate and document my own strengths and failings for my future reference in a spectrum of topics be it science, technology, politics, humanity or philosophy. Life and beyond as some might say. 2. Honor : To codify what it means to be honorable and what rules I stand by when I make decisions about my life.

The blog has been finally moved to my own website and this is its final destination. I intend to write about my views at this point in time and maybe when I look back at them in the years hence, I might not necessarily associate with all of them. The important point however, is that I have these views out there so that I cannot weasel my way out of them when I am between a rock and a hard place. I also intend to write about my experiences so that there is something set in stone, or in this case, the print of the interwebs. I forget things of the past far too easily, if I do not have a constant reminder of the experiences I had at the time. This platform is also a place where I will transcribe my experiments with technology a priori so that I can reference them in the future. I am always thirsty for gaining more knowledge, be it new technologies or reading books voraciously or visiting new places. So I want to be able to adduce my so-called appetite for knowledge through this page as well as keep a track of what I have learned. This, is meant to be the window into my zeitgeist.